Ruined by Rumors

There is a serious problem with not only Apple news, but technology reporting in general. For as long as I remember, every Apple press event has been preceded by months of writing rumor as fact. It needs to stop.

There are two different problems here, one more serious than the other. The first is that news sites feel the need to write about every rumor that they come across on the internet in order to garner more page views. I have some problems with this, but it is not near as bad as taking a rumor and reporting it as fact.

Let me give you an example. Stephen Hackett linked to an article with a headline that read “iPhone 5 preorders to begin on September 12th”. Are you kidding me? Stephen has just this to say about it:

Another dumb headline that should have the word “rumor” in it somewhere.

Most of the nerd population understands that these are just rumors, and that we really don’t know anything until Apple announces it or Jim Dalrymple “yeps” it. However, some people don’t perceive the difference.

I cannot tell you how many times that I have had someone come up to me and say something along the line of “Have you heard about the new whatever that Apple is about to release?” It infuriates me. Once I have calmed myself down, I proceed to tell that person that it is just a rumor and that nothing is official yet.

I blame this entire situation on the fact that page view hungry news corporations report rumors as if they are fact, and mislead the people who don’t have the time to really dig into a story. It is just plain wrong.

Rumors should be reported as rumors. The headline should contain the word “rumor”. It should be in all caps. Or better yet, how about writers just choose to write something that is interesting and adds value to people’s lives.

Also, rumors ruin some of the surprise of the previously delightful Apple press conferences. I try to ignore most of the spoilers, but it is becoming increasingly difficult. This, however, is not near as important as slanting the news.

I think the internet would be a happier place if the rumor mill was abandoned. Rant over.

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