Send Chrome Tabs to OmniFocus

Shawn Blanc wrote about an AppleScript that sends the frontmost Safari tabs to OmniFocus.

Sometimes the number of tabs I have open in Safari gets ahead of me, and I find myself with a few dozen sites waiting for my attention but I’m out of time. Or perhaps I’ve got several tabs open for a current project I’m working on but I need a break from working on that project. Or maybe I’ve got so many tabs open that Safari starts taking up more than its fair share of CPU resources.

I liked this idea, but I don’t use Safari. So after taking a look at these two scripts on Veritrope, I was able to combine them to create a Keyboard Maestro macro that sends all of the open tabs in Chrome to the OmniFocus quick entry box.

Send Tabs to OmniFocus

You can download my Keyboard Maestro macro here.

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