A Deeper Look at Evernote’s New App

Evernote is on a roll. They recently released a beta of the beautiful new Mac app, and they also just launched version 5.0 of their iOS app. I wanted to go through the updates and talk about what I like, don’t like, and just give some general thoughts on Evernote as a service.

  1. The new app features a really unique navigation system that is completely original. All of these screen of the app are represented as tabs on the home screen that you can slide up to view. This works quite well, and it looks really cool. My only complaint is that sometimes when I’m sliding a tab down I accidentally pull down Notification Center. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does it really gets on my nerves.
  2. The app is noticeably speedier. Sync feels a lost quicker and less buggier.
  3. The new icon is much better. They finally got rid of that default iOS app icon glare.
  4. The new document camera is really handy. It works surprisingly well for a relatively new feature. I also like that they put a dedicated button to jump to the regular camera and the document camera.
  5. On the new Mac beta, the map feature is called “Atlas”. On the iOS app, it is called “Places”. This doesn’t make any sense to me.
  6. My biggest complaint is that the app now only has two sort options for notes: title and date. That would be fine if the date option didn’t sort notes by date updated. I would love the option to sort by date created. This was available before, and they removed it in the 5.0 update for some reason.
  7. The recent notes feature on the iPad is really useful. I would love to see that come to the iPhone in some way.
  8. The tab that promotes premium features is always present. It would be nice if premium subscribers could turn this off.

All in all, I really love this update. The app not only looks a lot better, but also performs better as well.

Evernote is a really cool company. Their products have become a part of my life in a seamless way. It’s rare when a successful company like Evernote continues to grow into a continually useful product for so long.

My favorite part of Evernote is the culture of their company. The attitude that they have towards their products and their customers is very unique. I think it will be very interesting to see how Evernote grows over time into a lifelong product.

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