Why the Internet is Like a High School Drama Festival

I know that comparison probably doesn’t come together for you right away, but bear with me for a moment.

This weekend, a group of actors from my school took part in the North Mississippi High School Drama Fest. This event brings school from around the state together for two days of hour long performances. My school had been rehearsing for weeks, and we did a great job.

Not only did we enjoy performing our piece for the audience, we also enjoyed watching all of the other plays. There were some spectacular performances, and some great actors there.

The thing I loved the most, however, was connecting with others and learning from shared experiences. I met some amazing people this weekend, and I learned from their performances and what the judges had to say about them.

This is exactly like the internet. You show up to this “event” and meet a lot of people that you don’t know. And normally this wouldn’t be significant. It is significant though because all of the people you are meeting share the same interests. We connect with people online who share our interests, and we learn from what they do.

It is so great to be able to meet people and instantly have something in common simply because you met in the first place. That spontaneous connection is so unique, and so special. It allows us to learn and better ourselves simply by observing and communicating with our acquaintances.

This type of culture is not very common. It is found wherever people who share the same passions come together to celebrate them. Isn’t that exactly what the internet is? Isn’t that exactly what we enjoy most when we go online?

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