Shawn Blanc on the Maker’s Schedule ⇒

Shawn has compiled some great thoughts and quotes about how people who make things, be it writers or programmers, often lose focus. This focus is not lost on the big things though, but on the small, insignificant ones.

For a maker, uninterrupted work time is valuable because it allows us uninterrupted thought. Large blocks of free time so we can
focus, freely (or not so freely, because, well, you know how it goes sometimes).

But when we interrupt our own time with habitual checking of email, Facebook, Twitter, et al. then it’s like having micro meetings all
day long.

I totally agree. Twitter and RSS are huge distractions for me. However, I cannot forgo them because they are essential to how I work. Solutions to these kinds of problems are deeply personal, and the answer will be different for everyone. The key is to determine how you best achieve focus, and do everything you can to be able to recreate that environment whenever needed.

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