Twitteriffic 5.0

Since I have owned an iPhone, Tweetbot has been my Twitter app. I have never used anything else except for Tweetie on an iPod Touch years ago. Tweetbot is a fantastic app, and I have no complaints about it. However, it’s always nice to try something new. So I downloaded Twitteriffic 5 last night when it came out.

I’m going to go ahead and say that Twitteriffic cannot be my default Twitter app. But I do love it. Federico Viticci says this about the app:

If you don’t think Twitterrific 5 can be your main client, it doesn’t have to be. No one is forcing you to buy the thing everyone is talking about. You’re probably not “missing out”. But I will also say this: if you have three bucks and you’re genuinely interested in trying something new – a fresh experience – go get Twitterrific 5 and try it. I’m not saying it’ll become your favorite app, but if you care about quality handcrafted software, maybe you’ll take away something from it.

This mirrors my exact feelings about the app. It is a beautiful example of design. You should definitely check it out, even if it is lacking features like push notifications and streaming. That does mean that it can’t be my go-to Twitter app, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t love using it. Twitteriffic feels so different from Tweetbot. It makes me feel as though Tweetbot is stale and bloated. Sure, it has plenty of power features, but it is also essentially the same as it always was.

I won’t be using Twitteriffic for anything other than reading tweets, which is exactly what it is for. Although that won’t be often, I will enjoy every second of it. Thats how good this app is. Get it in the App Store .

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