The Blogger’s Bookmarklet

Poster is the best WordPress app for iOS. It supports custom fields, meaning WordPress users can post links to their site using the Daring Fireball-style Linked List Plugin.

In Federico Viticci’s look at Poster 2.0 for iOS, he included a bookmarklet that will send the text selection to Poster and automatically fill in the title. It then returns the user back to Safari when he or she is done.

The problem is that getting the text selection only works on the iPad, not the iPhone. In fact, Federico’s bookmarklet didn’t work at all on the iPhone. The only thing it could do on the iPhone was launch Poster. This disappointed me because I saw this bookmarklet as the best way to post quick links to my site.

I have altered the bookmarklet to work better on the iPhone. It is not an ideal solution, but it works. The new bookmarklet opens Poster, sets the post title to the title of the Safari window, sets the post body to the URL of the webpage, and switches back to Safari when you close or publish the post.

Why would I want to make the body of the post the URL? Because then I can cut and paste that link right into my custom field for link posts. I then add my comment and slug, publish, and get switched back to Safari. Handy.

Federico’s bookmarklet works wonders on the iPad, but I believe this is the best solution for posting a link from your iPhone.

Here is the bookmarklet:


Have fun posting from Safari. Let me know if you run into any problems or have any questions.

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