Simperium Joins Automattic ⇒

Automattic, the company behind, has purchased Simperium, the company behind Simplenote.

In joining Automattic, we’re working with more resources and a growing, complementary team. Our plan is to supercharge Simplenote with a lot more attention in the months and years to come: native apps for more platforms, ongoing improvements, and more work on Simperium, our service for keeping your data in sync. Of course, Simplenote will stay simple. We know how important that is to you. It’s what kept it in the top apps of 2012, and it’s important to the team here as well.

I’m happy to see that Simplenote will be supported and improved, and I hope that Simperium’s syncing backend will be put to good use. A lot of people use and love Simplenote, and having someone to back them for the future is a good thing. Lets just hope that they stick to their word and keep it running.

One scary thing, however, is that this proves that even payed services like Simplenote are in danger of being acquired. You never know when your favorite app will be bought up.

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