Actually Getting Things Done ⇒

Harry Marks has some good thoughts about balancing the time we spend “doing” versus the time we spend “tweaking”.

There is nothing wrong with seeking out the best things or the best ways to make those things. Some people truly enjoy the thrill of the hunt and to them I say, “Good on ya’,” but when does the hunt stop being worth it?

I am constantly getting on to myself about this very issue. It has been a real problem for me because I enjoy being a nerd and tweaking how I do things and what I do them with. I struggle to learn that my focus would be better spent using my mental energy actually getting things done.

Harry’s post addresses a real issue for many of us. It is not always bad to spend our time tweaking with various parts of our lives. Good things can come from that. But in the end we need to put all of that tweaking to good use and get to work.

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