ReadWrite on Instagram’s New Web Feed ⇒

Taylor Hatmaker, writing for ReadWrite, thinks that Instagram launching web feeds is a mistake. She says this:

The thing that makes Instagram special is that – until today – it was a social network with no web presence. There’s an inestimable charm to how Instagram feels walled-off in its mobile-only realm. You just don’t interact with Instagram on desktop. The rules are different. It’s like when the power goes out and you have to play board games. And it’s really, really fun.

I disagree. With Instagram, users have always been able to view photos online by clicking on their shared permalinks. How is the new web feed different? It is simply for viewing photos. You cannot upload photos from your browser. Essentially, it is still mobile only.

She goes on to compare it to Facebook:

Look at how (and why) we love to hate Facebook. As a social network, Facebook is woven into the fabric of our workday lives – namely we use it on on our desktop computers when we’re supposed to be doing something else entirely. That fact makes a site like Facebook feel less like play and more like a professional tic. A social network with a ubiquitous presence across platforms becomes something we shove into every micromoment of the workday – and most of those happen while we’re zoning out sitting at a desk.

I don’t know about you, but when I use Facebook, I do it on my iPhone. And that is a very rare occasion.

She says that Facebook is a distraction, and that Instagram could become a distraction as well. The simple solution to that is to not browse Facebook or Instagram when you are supposed to be doing something else.

It seems to me that this issue is nothing more than pessimistic link bait.

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