Obligatory Post About Mailbox for iPhone

Mailbox is out. And there is a waiting list. And you may or may not have access to the app yet. You might be upset that you don’t have access to it yet. I am not here to talk about the launch of the app; I am here to talk about the app itself.

Mailbox’s tagline is "Put email in its place." It is an iPhone app that works with Gmail.

The basic premise is that emails should not clutter your inbox, they should be "snoozed" to a later time, archived, or sent to a list. Pretty simple.

I really like the app. It looks great, works well, and it has some useful functions. I like that I can have an email show back up in my inbox after a set amount of time. I also like that the total amount of email in your inbox shows up on the app icon badge. It helps to remind me that I have emails waiting to be acted upon.

My favorite part about Mailbox is that it works with any email client. When you defer an email until a later time, it just gets sent to a Gmail folder. None of your email is locked into an iPhone app, and that is crucial.

Also, Mailbox’s push notifications work flawlessly. You can tell that the developers put a lot of work into this app because it works extremely flawlessly for a 1.0 release.

Mailbox will not "reinvent your workflow" or any crazy talk like that. But it is useful. It works and I enjoy using it. What more is there to think about?

I am not a heavy email using guy. I just don’t get that much important email. But for some people, email is a big deal. It represents a lot of stress for them. I like what Pat Dryburgh says:

I’ve never understood why some people let email have such a strong effect on their mental and emotional well-being. I strive for Inbox Zero as much as the next guy, but the 12 emails sitting there now that I’ve yet to deal with aren’t causing me stress. Why? Because I don’t let them.

I feel the same way. Email doesn’t stress me out, but it does stress some people out. Those people should try Mailbox.

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