A Modular System ⇒

Nick Wynja has some fantastic words on the systems we use to organize our lives, and how they should be managed:

Taking a scaffold-like approach is about creating the right levels of structure around the work you do to let it properly flow. You neither want to constrain your creativity by following weighty methods nor do you want to become overwhelmed by the work you have to do by alleviating yourself from process.

I very much like the idea of a modular system that can grow and shrink to handle my needs. Finding a balance between not enough and too much can be difficult because it does not exist. The way we work is fluid and dynamic. We have to adapt to what life throws at us because our lives are constantly changing.

I have struggled finding a system that I trust to handle my life, but I am overcoming that by approaching the problem with a similar mindset that Nick outlines in his post.

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