Evernote Reminders ⇒

Today, Evernote is launching a new feature for their Mac and iOS apps. Users will now be able to set reminders for notes in order to be notified about them at a later date. From the Evernote blog:

You’ll get an in-app alarm and, optionally, an email the day that a Reminder is due. Once set, you’ll see the note title appear in the new Reminder section at the top of the note list.

Testing the feature on the Mac app, it works as advertised. I can imagine the use cases for being reminded of notes is quite large, but what I like about this new feature the most is that a reminder can be added to a note without adding a due date or time. This essentially pins the note to the reminders section at the top of your note list. Keeping notes on top can be extremely useful, especially when you are dealing with a database of over 500 notes.

I was surprised that Evernote had decided to integrate reminders into their current app instead of launching a stand-alone app like Evernote Food or Evernote Hello. However, I think it was a smart decision on their part because the reminders system works to complement Evernote’s primary data—notes. Reminders in Evernote shouldn’t be a GTD app replacement. They should work to accent your data.

It was a clever move on Evernote’s part to implement a reminders system that reminded you of a note instead of an action. Evernote isn’t jumping into an already over saturated market, they are creating a solution to a problem that hasn’t really been addressed. If you have ever included an Evernote note link in the note field of an OmniFocus action, than you will find use in Evernote’s new reminders feature.

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