The New Flickr ⇒

After the big news this morning that Yahoo! had acquired Tumblr, they have now announced an overhaul of Flickr. The new version of Flickr comes with a visual overhaul, as well as 1 terabyte of storage free to all users. That is very impressive.

After receiving an Olympus E-PL5 as a graduation gift, I have taken an interest in photography. Flickr has so far proved to be a great place to share photos and connect with others who share an interest in photography.

Yahoo! is making some very good choices recently. I never thought that Yahoo! would be the company to catch my attention, but Marissa Mayer has definitely made some choices that are changing the company for the better. I am quite interested to see how Yahoo! grows over the next year and if their image continues to change for the better.

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