Writing for Yourself ⇒

Matt Gemmell talks about how he writes, and gives some advice:

Remember that you do your best writing when you respect your audience – which is why writing for yourself is the wisest thing to do. The worst kind of writing is constrained; written in someone else’s voice, or from their position, or in their style. Ideally write about the things you’re interested in, but certainly write in your own way.

When I think about the writing I do here, I often struggle to describe how and what I write. When I finally realized that I don’t have to write a certain way, my writing got better.

It’s easy to read the writing of the people you look up to and strive to write as well as them, but it’s impossible to reach that level of skill without being different than them. Writing needs to be personal. The reason someone reads your writing should be because they enjoy your voice as a writer.

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