Chuck Skoda’s Week with iOS 7 ⇒

Chuck Skoda makes a smart point about why apps running on iOS 7 won’t lose their personality:

Navigation and tab bars in particular are a common point of customization for apps, and many find it worrisome that to hold with the translucent aesthetic, apps will need to give up their personality. However, standard controls have existed since the beginning of the App Store, and so have the tools to circumvent them. Apps can stray from the standard look and feel in whatever way they feel suits them, and many have in the past to great effect. It’s up to developers to determine what is suitable for their users, and I’m excited to see where people find it necessary to break the mold.

I got to use iOS 7 for the first time last night, and the aesthetic of the operating system is the most intriguing part. Many apps don’t fit in with iOS 7 yet, but the challenge developers must meet in order to make them fit into their environment is going to define software design on iOS for years to come.

I am looking forward to the updated look of my favorite apps the most of all. That and the background update APIs.

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