John Gruber on the iPad Air ⇒

I have an iPad mini, and I hardly ever use it. It is not that I don’t want to use the iPad, it is simply that I never reach for my iPad when I have a perfectly portable MacBook Air. The iPad is a great tool, but it has always been as an entertainment device for me.

In John Gruber’s review of the iPad Air, he says this:

There are so many millions of iPad users that no simple explanation can cover all use cases. But my take, since last year, has been that the full-size iPad is best seen as an alternative to a laptop, and the iPad Mini as a supplement to a laptop.

I’ve always wanted to use the iPad as an alternative to a laptop because I knew that it was powerful enough to fill that role most of the time. This line of thought made me think that I should upgrade to the iPad Air. But when I think of my iPad mini as a supplement to my laptop, it starts to make more sense for the way that I use it.

The iPad line is made for flexibility. It becomes whatever we want it to be depending on how much effort we put into using it to replace or supplement our existing devices.

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