The Push ⇒

Ben Brooks perfectly describes my feelings about the iPad:

There is no doubt that if I have a desk to work at, and fast WiFi, it is almost always easier for me to work with my MacBook Pro. For any task. the MacBook Pro is fast, it has a bigger screen, a better keyboard, and all of my Keyboard Maestro macros.

But, I still very much want to work on my iPad as much as possible.


I could easily get buy without an iPad. It would be even easier to get by with an iPad 2. But with each new model of iPads my life gets a bit easier — not exponentially, but incrementally. Even so I don’t need an iPad, but I want one. I want to use it more.

And as Gruber highlights it will be a slow takeover, but as a nerd I want it to be an immediate takeover and the pull between the two is painful for any nerd. But the platform isn’t ready yet, it gets closer everyday, but it’s not quite there yet.

Both Ben and I want to do work on our iPads more, but it’s tempting to reach for our Macs because they are so powerful and quite portable. When using my Mac and my iPad are both as convenient, why would I reach for the less powerful device? Even though I want to use the iPad more, it’s sometimes hard to justify using it over my MacBook Air.

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