Day One for iOS 7 ⇒

Day One is one of my all time favorite apps. As of the time of writing, I have 862 entries over 470 days. I journal in Day One every single day.

Today, Day One for iOS was updated with a new design and some great new features. The new design features the same layout of the old app, but with new icons and colors. The app is crisp and clean. Background refresh has also been added for those of us who use Dropbox sync.

The best part of this update however is the new features that not only improve the iOS app, but also add value to Day One as an entire platform. The new app allows you to add three new pieces of data to your entries: activity, music, and step count. Music is pretty self explanatory. If you have a song playing in, you can tap a button and Day One will capture the song and add it to your entry.

If you have a device with the M7 coprocessor, like the iPhone 5s, you can add the number of steps you have taken that day to your entries. This is such a useful feature, and it just adds that much more value to your journal entries. You can also specify am activity in Day One such as sitting, walking, flying, etc.

Overall, if you use Day One then you will love today's update. Day One continues to grow into something much more that a simple journaling app.

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