Pencil ⇒

Paper is one of my favorite iPad apps. Even though I am not much of an artist, I love how FiftyThree made the app incredibly obvious to use. The people at FiftyThree know how to make gorgeous, useful products. Today, they announced a new stylus called Pencil.

Pencil is a beautiful stylus that pairs via Bluetooth with your iPad to provide some cool features in conjunction with Paper. For instance, you can flip the stylus over and the app immediately knows to switch to the eraser tool. Also, while using the stylus you can blend colors on the page with your finger. All of these features are packed into a stylish, rechargeable stylus that looks great. However, I have a few issues.

For one, most of my iPad use does not involve a stylus. Even when I do use a stylus, it’s not only for using Paper. If I want to use Pencil in another app, it is really just a normal stylus. Almost all of Pencil’s neat features are only for the Paper app. I still really want to try Pencil because it has some great features and it looks great, but I’m not sure that it will end up being all that game changing for me in the long run.

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