Unbound for iOS 7 ⇒

After Everpix shutdown, I decided to simply put all of my photos on Dropbox. It is reliable, multipurpose, and provides a more solid backup of my data. The problem with Dropbox, however, is that its photo experience is lacking. That’s where Unbound comes in.

Unbound is a Mac and iOS app that displays your photos that are stored in Dropbox in an elegant way. The app just received an iOS 7 update, and it is really nice. Unbound for iOS 7 lets you view folders in Dropbox as albums of photos. It also lets you upload photos, move them, share them, and various other things.

The thing that I like most about Unbound is that it is really fast. The app caches your photos so that you can access them quickly. One problem that I had with Dropbox is that it sorts a lot of my photos under the “Missing Dates” category, even when I know that the photos have creation date metadata attached to them. Unbound recognizes the data and sorts my folders based on creation date. It even lets me view all of the metadata for a photo, which is nice.

If you have photos in Dropbox, do yourself a favor and get Unbound. It is so much better that the official Dropbox apps when it comes to photos.

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