Reading vs. Skimming ⇒

Marco Arment has some very smart words on the problem we seem to have when it comes to dealing with information overload:

Read-later apps let you separate reading from finding, since they ideally happen with different mindsets and environments. This is necessary not because browsing aggregators, timelines, and feed readers is given too little time — people happily devote hours to it — but because the goal is to “get through” them and keep checking for new items, keeping readers in a skimming, active, dismissive mindset that’s hostile to attentive reading.

How many times a day do you open up your RSS reader and quickly scroll through the unread items just for the sake of clearing the inbox? When we are faced with too much information, it becomes a chore to sort through it all.

Instead, our focus should be on filtering out the cruft to get back to the reason why we subscribe to feeds or follow people on Twitter. We do it to find the good stuff. Part of the solution to this is not over committing ourselves by following and subscribing to everything we can. Another part is the smart use of tools. Luckily there is something coming soon that can help.

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