OmniFocus for Mac 2.0 Beta

The Omni Group has relaunched their beta for version 2.0 of OmniFocus for Mac. The new app is available to all of those who had access to the previous beta.

I am a big fan of this new design. I especially love the Forecast mode, which show your tasks and calendar items in one view. And, of course, the new review mode is very nice.

When OmniFocus 2.0 for iPhone came out, I was excited by the new design. I don’t tend to use the iPhone app that much, and when I do it is usually just to add a task. There has been some criticism of the app’s design, and I agree with some of it. However, I think that the new style of OmniFocus is really great.

OmniFocus is not an app that I usually interact with a lot, and that is what’s great about it as a productivity tool. The app is smart and reliable enough to stay out of my way. It shows me my tasks when I need to see them, and I trust it to do so. The new design probably won’t change how anybody uses OmniFocus, but it will add some new conveniences that are very welcome.

Of course, I am still waiting to see Things 3.0.

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