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Hello. My name is Chase McCoy. I’m a writer, thinker, designer, and tinkerer. I like to make and eat good food, and I have an awesome taste in music.

You have arrived at my blog. It is here that I enjoy writing about the technology and ideas used to bring creativity to writing, design, and the way we work. I would like to welcome you to my little corner of the internet. I try my best to write interesting tidbits that are extremely nerdy.

I think a lot can inferred about a writer from the things he or she likes to read. Here are some of my favorite blogs:

You will probably notice that my writing is similar in style to these amazing writers. You will also find that I link to their sites a lot. Speaking of links, there are two types of posts on my site: articles and links. Articles are original posts that link to the permalinks, and link posts direct you to an outside source. Link posts are designated by that blue arrow.

I hope you enjoy what you find here, and if you do you can subscribe to the RSS feed. You are also encouraged to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns.

I want to end this little welcome ceremony with two quotes that I think apply to my blog.

Marco Arment:

I don’t need to be an authority on anything. I don’t need you to agree with my arguments. I know this is probably too long, too broad, and too egotistical for the mass market to read, and you most likely skimmed over it. I wrote this just now, and I’m going to publish it now, even though it’s Sunday and it won’t see peak traffic. I don’t want to write top-list posts 10 times a day. I don’t want to be restricted to my blog’s subject or any advertisers’ target demographic. This site represents me, and I’m random and eccentric and interested in a wide variety of subjects.

Shawn Blanc:

In a way, I have to pretend that I’m the only site out there. That if someone was interested in the things I’m interested in, how then would they find out about those things unless I wrote about them? I can’t pass by something I find exciting or interesting because I see that others are already talking about it. That would be a road to silence.

Of course, in another way, I have to pretend that I am not the only site out there. There is so much happening in the tech / design / writing / coffee-drinking community every day that there is simply no way I can stay on top of it all. Let alone write thoughtful and in-depth pieces about everything noteworthy. Harder than choosing what to write about has been choosing what not to write about. And then being okay with leaving certain notable topics left untouched.

Thank you for visiting, and please enjoy your stay.